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What is Your Idea?

Imagine flying cars. Will they exist in our lifetime? If not, why not?

How about electric cars? Not long ago, they seemed beyond reach.

What is your idea? A tech thing? A creative project? A social movement?

Can you kill it?

At the X – Google moonshot factory, brilliant minds get paid to kill new ideas in technology. 

Spotting a dud out the gate saves time and resources. 

If you cannot kill your idea, it may have a chance at success.

Put your idea on stage.

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The NUNA staging method

  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
  • STEP 4

    Once you find a name for your product, service, or artistic project, the journey can begin. Finding a name for an idea requires thought because the name determines identity and represents your brand.

    While thinking about names, double check that your idea is novel and unique. You may need to pivot on name or goals if what you had in mind already exists in the marketplace. Coming in second rarely works.

    The name is crucial to stake your claim and gain momentum for your idea. You need a good name for legal and marketing reasons. You may want to register as a business or organization and that will not work if your name or idea creates ambiguity.

    You may want to engage on social media and have your own web domain. Many good names have been taken and we will assist you in your name search.

    If your idea is about a product or service you may want to protect it with a trademark. In addition to brand names, many startups create unique taglines that describe the work and value proposition. Trademark registration for your tagline may help protect your intellectual property going forward.

    Once you nailed that name, you are getting ready for Step 2.


    Great ideas excite and create anxiety at the same  time. Where to start? Where to find the resources? How to find the right people?

    It does not help when truly disruptive ideas meet resistance, while iterative projects may slip through.

    At the X – Google moonshot factory, brilliant minds are tasked to throw everything at new ideas in technology, trying to prove that it cannot be done. Only if they fail to shoot the idea down, they decide that it may be worthwhile pursuing.

    We suggest a similar rigorous process from the start. Is your idea unique and will it serve others? What are the goals and how soon can you get there? When will this be commercially viable?

    Make sure you and your team are ready to focus on this idea for as long as it takes. Sketch alternative goals and strategies just in case.

    Once you decide to commit, unleash your idea by not allowing any doubts or obstacles deter you.

    It is time to mount all the energy and resources and get to work. At this stage, your team is ready for Step 3.


    Spread and improve your idea through networking:

    • Identify existing niche audiences
    • Join existing organization and groups
    • Create awareness and interest
    • Invite feedback from subject matter experts
    • Engage with stakeholders

    Find your initial platform, then expand.

    Once your idea is ready to be tested in public, it can be deployed across several media. Depending on your goals, you may choose

    • Membership site
    • E-publish or print
    • Podcast
    • Video platform
    • Online store
    • B2B services
    • Live events